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Who We Are

Welcome to The Diet Doc of Long Island where we focus on the perspective of: real life, real journeys, real struggles, and realistic hard-earned results.

No matter where you are in life, from basic weight-loss to professional athletes, Amy, Lauren and Kim here at The Diet Doc of Long Island will help you carve out your own path in pursuit of your goals, and teach you what is needed to achieve optimal results.

Amy Llinas Lynch

The Diet Doc of Long Island, President
2x WNBF Pro World Champion

Amy is adept at utilizing the ups and the downs of her clients’ personal process to guide them to achievement. From basic weight-loss to professional athletic conditioning, Amy takes a no-nonsense approach to helping her clients obtain the results optimal for their individualized bodies and goals. Amy believes that no matter where you are in life, you can carve out your own path in pursuit of your goals—and enjoy the process along the way!

Lauren Drinkwater

Lauren is a lifelong fitness and nutrition enthusiast, who is committed to making healthy lifestyle choices for herself and her family. Having struggled for years with disordered eating and body image issues, she found that The Diet Doc program and “If It Fits Your Macros” method gave her the support to reach her goals and the freedom to have a positive relationship with food and exercise. 

After participating in a fitness competition in 2012, Lauren gave birth to her first son in 2013 and her second in 2015. Motherhood introduced an entirely new set of challenges and priorities, especially the experience of having a body that was no longer solely hers. Once again, flexible dieting came to her rescue and enabled her to focus on her fitness goals while balancing the crazy life of a working mother. 

Lauren’s goal is to lead moms like her on a journey toward their most balanced, healthful lives and to empower them to embrace the body they have at every step of the way. She firmly believes that the only way to become the best mother she can be is to become the healthiest and happiest WOMAN she can be.